As I sat on the rocks aside of the lake this morning, reflecting and meditating, I felt a lovely sense of peace as the water lapped the shore and the distant cry of seagulls contributed to the orchestra of early morning tunes.

And then in the space between my thoughts, I noticed the sun as it rose from the east warming the left side of my face – it’s warmth penetrated my pores, creating a beautiful comfort and I breathed its radiance. Then, as if in gentle contrast of the duality of life, a cool wind caressed the other side of my face sending a shudder through my body.

It didn’t take long to return to the sun’s comfort and as soon as I did, the wind reminded me of its presence. This insane bouncing from one oppositional experience to another served as a lovely reminder about how life is. There are ups and downs, there is love and hate, peace and war, easeful flow and challenge, birth and death. And we swing emotionally, like a pendulum in-between these states, being worn out in the process as we try to cope with the ever-changing pace of life’s transition.

Although what this morning’s events offered me, is that this is reality, this is how life flows – it’s not personal – it simply ebbs and flows like the ocean’s tides, like the turning of the seasons. What sets happiness apart from suffering is our ability to navigate these twists and turns without the highs and lows that so often exhaust us.

When we can learn the art of simply sitting with whatever the present moment has given to us, whether that is a happy event or a sad one, then our acceptance, allows us to even out the rollercoaster ride that we allow life to take us on. The sun will sun and the wind will blow – that is simply how it is. And in the space in-between both dualities, when we accept their presence, then we will find peace. It is in the acceptance that we find our peace and therefore our ability to cope with whatever life throws at us.

Allow yourself to be mindful of what the present moment gives you and embrace it for all it is. Even the pain will pass. Acknowledge how you feel, give space to all that you think and feel and allow yourself to breathe in the reality.  Gain strength from this grounding and then move forward from this place to tackle whatever needs tackling.

The beauty of this approach is that you deal with reality as it is and as you are, rather than with the emotional baggage that creates inner turmoil and anxiety, which of course then makes the reality feel even worse. When we can embrace the duality of life and allow each situation to arise as it is, we can navigate life’s path with greater ease and peace.

With happiness blessings


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